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I use also: krzychukula and Kris Kula

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I like reading books and to remember more from each one of them I write reviews.
On a daily basis, I solve problems with code (sometimes by deleting code).

I highly value work-life separation and I actively try to be unavailabe after work.

This page and the whole blog is work in progress so let me know by writing to kris at the email domain of this blog if you have any feedback.

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"Self-education is, I firmy believe the only kind of education there is” - Isaac Asimov

"Call it lying if you like; but if you prefer to not play the game and to always be honest and upfront, to not complain when others call you obnoxious and arrogant.” - The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene; Joost Elffers

Duty Calls

“Don’t complain; just work harder.”

― Randy Pausch

“Installing software is like a first date: if it can't be polite, smart, and generous, what should I expect later?”

― Scott Berkun

“There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.”
― Bjarne Stroustrup

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”
— Desmond Tutu

“Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others (often reworded as "Be conservative in what you send, be liberal in what you accept”
— Jon Postel

“Learning about "for" loops is not learning to program, any more than learning about pencils is learning to draw.”
— Bret Victor

"Don't ignore your dreams; don't work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy."

— Paul Graham (http://paulgraham.com/todo.html)

“A distributed system is one where a machine I’ve never heard of can cause my program to fail.”

— Leslie Lamport

“It's important for nerds to realize, too, that school is not life. School is a strange, artificial thing, half sterile and half feral. It's all-encompassing, like life, but it isn't the real thing. It's only temporary, and if you look, you can see beyond it even while you're still in it.”

— Paul Graham, Hackers & Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer Age

“One of the lessons we learned from running the pilot groups of the course, was that developing small projects was a good way to shift yourself out of a rut and back onto the rapid part of the learning curve. In the full course, which we’ll open for a new session after these lessons, we’ll be guiding a new set of students through the process of designing and executing their own deliberate practice projects.”

— Scott Young (Top Performer course)

“In the meantime, ask yourself this: Are your the skills that matter for having a career you love improving as you’d like? If not, how could you improve the speed and quality of feedback you get to escape the Doctor’s Paradox.”

— Scott Young (Top Performer course)

“ninety percent of everything is crap”

— Sturgeon's revelation (Sturgeon's law)

“90% of everything is crap. That is true, whether you are talking about physics, chemistry, evolutionary psychology, sociology, medicine—you name it—rock music, country western. 90% of everything is crap.”

— Daniel Dennett

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”

— Kurt Vonnegut

“Most things are bullshit - don't trust mass opinion”

— Pieter Hintjens

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.”

— Henry Ford

“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

— John Maynard Keynes

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