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  1. 2020 March Update

  2. Learn JS. Are you looking for a new JavaScript job? Three things you can do when looking for new opportunities.

  3. Code Style that breaks clean code rules: Space Shuttle Style

    You should avoid comments and your code should be self-documenting. It's good advice but, is it always true?

  4. 2020 February Update

  5. How to set up a Haskell project

    Installation and set up of Haskell Stack on a new machine

  6. Lambda Days 2020

    Notes from the conference

  7. 2020 January Update

  8. Why did you fail at your New Year's resolutions? Learn the secrets of creating habits.

    Most important lessons learned from "Atomic Habits" by James Clear

  9. 2019 December Update

  10. 2019 November Update

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