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  1. Sprint stretch goals are harmful.

  2. Book Review: Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths

  3. Pomodoro Yo-yo Effect

  4. 2014 November Priorities

  5. Rules of Productivity

  6. Book Review: Getting Things Done by David Allen

  7. HabitRPG - Game your life

  8. Tributary - live and responsive visual coding

  9. API Design: Boolean Trap

  10. Lazy in Programming

  11. Legacy Code

  12. Facebook release management

  13. Linux: search and replace recursively

  14. JavaScript Module Pattern

  15. Grep many files at once

  16. Developer Expierience

  17. Sitting down is dangerous to You

  18. How to be an entrepreneur

  19. Workrave

  20. Manifesto for Real Programmers..

  21. Don't wake up the Programmer

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