I prioritize my current clients and responsibilities, so it usually takes a couple of days for me to see your email, but I read all of them.

The great thing about blogging is when readers send me interesting comments or links to articles, books, or podcasts. Please keep these coming to

Note: I appreciate them, but usually don't respond if I don't have any follow up questions.

Offers #

Coaching/Mentoring 1-1: I've been coaching in programming, productivity, personal and professional organization, public speaking, and others.
Speaker: If you're interested in one of my talks or looking for a speaker.
Promotion: Offers related to my blog.
Workshops/Courses: I have a couple of existing ones, but I prefer to chat about your needs and prepare a dedicated program.
Other: I'm available for all kinds of work and partnerships.

Send an email to

Note: I get many offers, so I only respond if I have questions or if I'm genuinely interested.

Want to learn more about me? #

Visit About me page, request access to my CV or see my Linkedin profile.

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