The best advice for conference or meetup organizers, virtual or physical.

Materials I've found useful over the years as an organizer.

Resources to share with the presenters (that you should read as well) #

Watch How to Speak by Professor Patrick Henry Winston. Everything you need to know in one place.

How to Prep for Speaking at a Virtual Conference. This is a new one. A lot of advice about speaking to your camera.

The Holy Grail of Conference Talks: Live Coding. Most of the time it's best to discourage live coding, but sometimes it's the best way to share something.

De-bricking yourself – starting out as a speaker. Some general advice, but I want to emphasize Hardware failures. Thing will go wrong at some point. Sometimes there isn't much that can be done, either by the organizer nor the host.

Conferences #

Ten Rules for a Better Conference Name Badge. I want to promote this post a lot more. Name is the most important thing. No one is going to forget your conference logo if it's small.

Diversity in Conferences. You need quotas so think about it early.

Dear conference organizer. Something to read if you're making money from the conference.

Books #

Because investing into a book takes more time I've picked only the best ones I've read:

Books in Polish #

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