2023 October. Blogging and Reading

Finishing things up before a new job.

Blogs Posts #

Fasting Diet. Some notes on using fasting for weight loss.

Techno-optimist. Notes on techno-optimist manifesto.

An Intuitive Approach to Understand Electricity. Hydraulic analogy helps you to finally understand electricity.

Open-Source. Collection of interesting articles about open-source software.

Astroturfing. Beware of fake grassroots organizations without knowing who finances them.

Proof that Technical Debt is Slowing You Down: Code Red.

The resulting technical debt is estimated to waste up to 42% of developers’ time.

oklch() CSS Color

System Design Interview. Book review of System Design Interview – An Insider's Guide by Alex Xu

Books I'm reading #

Midlife: A Philosophical Guide by Kieran Setiya.

Books I've read #

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. It's the fourth book in the Hainish Cycle, but I read most of them around 20 years ago. It was worth it to read it again. Highly recommended! One of the reasons I picked it up was The dangerous philosophy of Ursula Le Guin | Science Fiction with Damien Walter which I can recommend regardless if you're familiar with her or not.

System Design Interview. Book review of System Design Interview – An insider's guide by Alex Xu. I'm not a huge fan, but it's good if you want to get some basics.

Elsewhere on the Web #

Loyal workers are selectively and ironically targeted for exploitation | Matthew L. Stanley, Christopher B. Neck, Christopher P. Neck

We should all be Luddites now | DAVE KARPF. A review of Brian Merchant's "Blood in the Machine".

Why the performance review is dying out—including at companies like Apple and Microsoft | By Benham Tabrizi

Pushing for a lower dev estimate is like negotiating better weather with a meteorologist | Smart Guess

Do you ever tell a meteorologist: "Your forecast for tomorrow is wrong, I can't bring this back to my people, give me a better one!"

Tech #

Modern web apps without JavaScript bundling or transpiling | David Heinemeier Hansson

Modern CSS in Real Life | Chris Coyier

Productivity #

Is this a good book for me, now? | Mary Rose Cook

I Was Wrong About Speed Reading: Here are the Facts | Scott H Young

The 12 Week Year approach to productivity and planning | Philippe Araujo

YouTube #

The dangerous philosophy of Ursula Le Guin | Science Fiction with Damien Walter

Niklas Luhmann: A Super Theory of Society | Carefree Wandering

John Cleese on Creativity In Management | Video Arts

"Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: Stress and Health" by Dr. Robert Sapolsky | BeckmanInstitute

This is a Cult (and I'm tired of pretending it's not) | struthless. You will get warned by YouTube about this video, but if you can I recommend watching it.

Tech #

Code Red: The Business Impact of Code Quality • Adam Tornhill • GOTO 2022

AGI Revolution: How Businesses, Governments, and Individuals can Prepare | David Shapiro

The Unreasonable Effectiveness Of Plain Text | No Boilerplate

The Uiua Programming Language Caught Me By Surprise | Code to the Moon. You can also visit Uiua homepage.

An array-oriented tacit programming language.

An intuitive approach for understanding electricity by AlphaPhoenix

Health #

You Can And SHOULD Train Every Day! | The Bioneer

The Goblet Squat is the Squat Exercise You NEED | The Bioneer

Prioritize Protein OR You'll Overeat Junk Food (SCIENCE) | High Intensity Health

Personal Thoughts #

While it's not easy to find a new job right now it didn't take me that long as well. I mentioned last month that there are a lot of Fake Jobs out there and it seems to be true.

October summary: #

Plans for the next month: #

Music #

Beyond | Corey Taylor

Bonus: How to Use Music to Boost Motivation, Mood & Improve Learning | Huberman Lab. Turns out fast music makes us happier.

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