New newsletter focused on learning JavaScript.


  1. I'm changing the form of the newsletter. Content stays the same, but I won't try to post something every week. My target is around one mail every month, but it can be more if there is enough interesting content.
  2. I'm starting a newsletter focused on learning JavaScript. Please sign up at:

I'm a father! :) #

My son was born last month, and my plans and daily routine had to change significantly. Hope you don't mind that there were no updates for some time :)

Learn JavaScript #

I want to put together all I know about JavaScript. I want to separate it from the blog posts to make sure it's more focused and easier to discover.

My plan for it is to have one small thing you can learn about JavaScript in your inbox every week, but I want to accept the suggestions from the participants.

It's going to be about JavaScript from the ground up, but I'm going to assume that you know how to code.

Please sign up separately at if you are interested.

Elsewhere on the Web #

I was listening to The Science of Success
No Hard Feelings: Your Complete Guide To Dealing With Emotions At Work with Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy
and among all exciting ideas I've gained a new way of looking at emotions:

Emotions are data, not direction. - Susan David

You want to acknowledge your emotions. Notice what you feel. But don't treat it as truth or proof of your opinion.

If you prefer an article from a podcast, then I recommend reading:
E.Flexibility – Our Emotions are Data Not Direction

Opinions Are Not Facts

That's another useful way of understanding discussions. What parts of it are facts, and what are opinions?

The article that I've found going deeper: It’s a fact: opinions are not facts.

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