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At the end of last year I realized that there is no way I can read all those articles I have "saved for later". At that time I have about 2300 articles, some of them were really old, some about 'news' that weren't new anymore. Most form twitter but mailings like JavaScript Weekly, Web Design Weekly have a huge list too. Hardest category was WebGL, so many new ideas, math, matrix, lightning...

"News" #

I can remember why I put most of those articles there, I really wanted to read them. The thing is hundreds of them were outdated. It was at least 1000 articles that were 'news'. Things like some early info about iOS5 or GoogleGlass. This kind of articles is fun to read but they have minor value. I have realized that removing them. There is really not much you can get from those but it's hard to realize that when they are new.
Some time ago I've stumbled upon idea to put all things you want to read into a queue and read them after a couple of months. It sounded stupid but I think now that I know the reason behind it. After a couple of months it will be easier to nice obvious time-wasters.

But enough about crap, so what are these best articles?

Best #

Of course it's not complete list of all best articles out there but you should look them up and get the idea how they look like. Order have meaning:

  1. How To Become A Hacker by Eric Steven Raymond

  2. Hackers and Painters by Paul Graham

  3. Somewhat connected, maybe I'll manage to use some ideas from this post: Work, Life And Side Projects by Paul Boag

If you are into games and Math seems scary I can recommend one series of blog posts from Wolfire Games that is the most straightforward guide I've seen.

It made me think #

I can recommend both How To Become A Hacker and Hackers and Painters. I know that a couple of years ago someone recommended "Hackers and Painters" to me, I remember that I have read it but I can't remember being so inspired after it.

Both of them value 'hacking' (not cracking) as an art and craft. Doing something useful. For a last year I've been into reading books. I still think it's great source of knowledge, mostly because exposition to various ideas about a subject that you would not think to find going from blog-post to blog-post and and searching for a specific fix. Unfortunately I think I went to far.

What I realized is lack of my personal project.

I can always find many reasons I'm not doing it.

Having all of those still is not enough. I don't know yet what I will change and how but for sure I want to change something in my life.

I had such moments a couple of times already but I have always postponed it till I end something. Even now I'm reading "Foundation HTML5 Animation with JavaScript by Billy Lamberta and Keith Peters" and I love this book so far. Code quality is not perfect but I'm reading it for ideas in this book and it's great so far. Many of my problems when I created games now seem so easy to solve and I'm only in 8-th chapter :)

I don't know. Maybe I just wait a little bit longer for something to come up from my subconscious. What I know for sure is I need to create some time for 'project' or maybe just for 'hacking'.

Plans #

Things I need to think right now:

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