I Will Not Learn Dart

I don't want to learn Dart, at least for now. I hope to explain in this post how I think, so begin.

Dart want to be next big language of the Web, but this really doesn't matter. JavaScript will be with us for years from now, and other Browser vendors do not implement it, at least if Google do not pay them to.

It will have at best all Chrome users, and this probably be about 20-30% even in a couple of years, so only a couple of developers will really use it for real. Just now how GWT now is used.

GWT and Dart will be used only by people that use Java, but they not WebDevelopers most of the time. Most of WebDevelopers write JavaScript, not Java or even PHP.

What are benefits of Dart rally?

And that's pretty all of it.

Really, there is nothing really impressive in this new language. This is mix of some other OOP languages. Nothing new. I can tell that this is boring.

Even getters na setters are available in JavaScript, just nobody use them because they are slower.

Types - JSEngines guesses types, and if only programmer stick to one type in one variable it will work really fast on new VM, this isn't really a issue here. In optimization faze it can be easily done without types in language.

As I see It now, Dart will probably end like Go for servers. Anyone really use it for real. Somebody on the whole world for sure, but it don't catch up.

Consider running the same code on server and client. Node has done that, nothing new. It would be nice but not really that important.

"at least for now" - time to explain this.

Oracle is not happy seeing Java on Android, especially because they get Java and make it only for them. Java was supposed to work pretty the same on all platforms, Google ignored it and implement only a subset of it. In my opinion Oracle should win it.

What Google want is really new language that is very similar to Java, to be familiar to Java developers. Language bring all sweet sugar to developers from Java. This is all they want from at least a couple of years, and now are waiting to see in Java 8.

Read the post from conference: dead link

09.13LarsBak: the competition is not JavaScript … We’re up against the fragmented mobile platforms

Do You all get it now?

Dart is not new JavaScript, and it rather never will be. Instead it will be new language for Android, just like ObjectiveC for iPhone. Chrome will support Dart, but probably only chrome. There will be tools compiling Dart to JavaScript just like now they are for Java (GWT) but this is nothing new. It wouldn't be really standard. Nobody that has at least some knowledge about the web would not consider Dart as the main language, at least I think and hope not.

After about year or two I can think about learning Dart, for now I prefer to Learn better JavaScript. It will be for years from now with us. Dart would be interesting when it will be available in Android (maybe I finally buy one ;). Dart would be in my opinion better than Java, easier, more powerful.

I can be wrong, many times I was, so If You like Dart use it, make it better, but please do not tell me that it will be new language of the web, JavaScript has done this and it will be for at least a couple of years from now.

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