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Recently @hipertracker wrote that I do not know Java, with sadness I
must write that he may be right...
At university I staudied mostly C++ strictly academicaly, then I wrote
some Java and C# projects and in last year I choose Java, particuary
JavaFX for my B.Sc.
With knowledge of C++ I was able to read one short book about JSE, and
one about Servlets to start coding. By now I think that ther is no way
to continue my journey without any *good* book about Java. Thats my
conclusion. So what do you recommend?
And I still think my tests were quite good, maybe except java, but I
know that in first place becouse It was too fast for me. But for my
simple test I have about 60% of confidence that: Java and Scala in
speed are similar(linear problems), Groovy is slow.
I was reading a book about Groovy: Pragmatic Groovy about 2 months, I
was a good book. If anyone is interested in Groovy I can recommend it.
But if you find something newer it will be even better ;) I will
abort Groovy, why? The need of pragmatic thinking... Out there are
jobs mostly for: Java, C#, PHP, C++. I think that I will choose first
three and maybe one functional(or with at least with closures), but
rather for fun and learning. This can be one from: Scala, Clojure,
Ruby, Python.
So for now I must read some good Java and PHP books.Recommendations
are welcome. It can be in Polish or English.

And more trivial: Today I installed Pidgin, Digsby become too slow for
me. Sory Digsby.
If anyone has comment about my language conclusions feel free to comment.
I think that Java/PHP and C# in near future are now best choices.
And as I know about AGH mostly students can choose language for
writing projects, but sometimes they can't. Especially when my friend
wants to write in PHP ;) So at least some knowlede of C# can be useful

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