How to set up a Haskell project

Installation and set up of Haskell Stack on a new machine

This week I've started reading Haskell Programming From First Principles and authors recommend using Stack I went through installing it on two machines. Unfortunately, the docs are a little wordy so I've made a post that will contain only steps that were relevant for me.

Generic setup #

  1. curl -sSL | sh
  2. stack new helloworld
  3. cd helloworld
  4. If you follow the book then jump to Custom setup for the book
  5. stack setup
  6. stack build
  7. stack exec helloworld-exe (notice added -exe)

Custom setup for the book #

  1. Change stack.yml:
# from
resolver: lts-15.1
- .
# to (book version)
resolver: lts-13.24
packages: []
  1. stack setup
  2. stack ghci
    • stack build and stack exec helloworld-exe won't work for you.

Other resources #

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