You Don't Know JS: Up & Going (#1) by Kyle Simpson

Polish: Tajniki języka JavaScript. Na drodze do biegłości"

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About the book

It's hard to say who this book is for. It's an introduction to JavaScrip and like a map to the rest of the series. But would I recommend it to a beginner? No.

It's a book for you if you're programmer already. For example, you know some other language. Or you wrote some JavaScript but without understanding it.

The book is a good introduction to the series but it's too technical. There is too much jargon for absolute beginners.

Introduction to JavaScript

It's technical but I like it because of it. I'm expecting much more from the other books because of it. It can overwhelm a beginner so if you want to learn to code then leave this one for later.

Introduction to the You Don't Know JS series

Book does a much better job of introducing you to the series. You can even use them to buy only the books that you need. You can always read on Github but I like physical books. It's also good to support Kyle for his work!

Example of what I liked:

I like the example with Object.create for explaining prototypes. I'm going to play with it a little:

var fallback = {
senseOfLife: 42

var oracle = Object.create(fallback);

oracle.name = "Kyle";

oracle.name; // "Kyle"
oracle.senseOfLife; // 42 <- from fallback

It's a nice and short book.

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Alternatives for beginners:



Update 19.08.2019

See my review of the second book in the series You Don't Know JS: Scope & Closures (#2) by Kyle Simpson.

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