What the Hell is Going On?

Most interesting article recently is What the Hell is Going On? by David Perell.

It's a great description of changes in the current economy. The underlying reason is the availability of information. We moved from the world of scarce information to the connected one. Facebook. Wikipedia. Youtube. All world's knowledge is a click away. You can read reviews online and pick the best thing. Even if it's not made by a big and trustworthy brand.

The only blind spot in the article is the negative side of this change. I'm not sure if that was intentional. Reading Cal Newport blog makes me more aware that not all changes that tech brings are for the better. I want to encourage you to read articles lined on my old blog that tackle the dark side: SJW

I have two book reviews ready on the blog: #

And wrote a little bit about the tech behind the blog:

Until next week,
Krzysztof Kula

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