Are you doing everything right, but find yourself unfulfilled?

Can ACT therapy help you live a happier life?

I wanted to share something I've read recently

From time to time, we’ll encounter a high-functioning client who’s already doing all the things that matter—going to work, looking after the kids, keeping fit, and so on—but is deeply unfulfilled. Often her lack of fulfillment is because, although she’s doing what matters, she’s not psychologically present. Instead, she’s caught up in her head: lost in thoughts about all the things on her “to do” list, or immersed in an ongoing commentary about what’s not good enough, or consumed by worrying, ruminating, or daydreaming. With these clients, we would work on “being present.”

It's coming from Act Made Simple[1]. The book is intended for professional therapists, but I've heard about ACT so much from Eric Baker[2] and Nir Eyal[3] that I wanted to read more about it. While it has lots of useful insights you can use, being more present is the most important idea for me.

  1. ACT Made Simple by Russ Harris
    In Polish: Zrozumieć ACT. Terapia akceptacji i zaangażowania w praktyce ↩︎

  2. [Eric Baker Barking Up The Wrong Tree blog][ ↩︎

  3. Nir Eyal homepage ↩︎

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